Thursday 5 January 2017

Hammers Striker Trapped in a World of Pain

Whatever Happened to Just Playing Footie?

The Simone Zaza farce continues with the Italian striker marooned on West Ham's books until a suitable alternate club can be found. Having almost reached the number of appearances that would trigger a colossal £20 million buyout clause, SuperSlav admitted today that his opportunity at the Hammers has passed. 

It's a sad reflection of how the paper pushers have grown in influence that a striker of definite ability (in fairness - only modest ability from what we have seen) cannot play for the club who pay his wages because of such contractual technicalities! 

As such his only strike whilst at the Hammers will remain a beautifully taken goal in the pre-season friendly for his parent club Juventus - whereby he took a through ball down gently before slotting it away quite delightfully! One wonders how much that strike finally persuaded the Hammers to take him to the London Stadium - albeit on such a complicated and ultimately self-defeating contract. 

Let's hope the lad can get away to pastures new - for the sake of his career as well as morale throughout the rest of the squad. Maybe the contract could be renegotiated as it is of little value to either West Ham or Juventus to have a talent going to waste - if all else fails maybe the pen pushers will recognise that his situation means that Zaza is losing monetary worth at an incredible rate.

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  1. I've supported w ham for over 50 years I've never felt so embarished it's not just the zaa zaa affair we've offered hull just 3 million for Robert snodgrass an insult to the player if this is Billic idea of values god help us time for a new manager one thinks


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