Saturday 7 January 2017

Super-idiots 'Ruin' London Stadium Spectacle

Last night's game was a painful experience for Hammers fans as Man City mercilessly took advantage of the lead bestowed by a soft penalty and proceeded to dish out a proper hiding to Slaven Bilic's men.

Perhaps the only amusing thing for fans to take in was the pitch invasion by two 'Super-idiots' after Man City scored their fifth goal. The pitch invaders were dressed as Superman and his pants-outside-of-trousers assistant who proceeded to frolic in the penalty area, mimicking a penalty.

The events were much to the amusement of those few fans who had resolved to stick it out to the bitter end. However, Gaz Lineker and company treated us to the usual there's some idiots spoiling the spectacle for us real observers haughtiness - accompanied by the now mandatory panning out to lofty heights above the stadium and the, presumably, foolish proceedings below.

Which is all OK, I suppose, if a little po-faced, but the addition of crowd boos over the sound was deeply misleading as video footage from watching fans demonstrates (see:

In reality, the incident seemed a harmless distraction from a game that was well over and one hopes that the 'offenders' won't be treated too harshly. Sometimes a little light entertainment can help when the atmosphere is becoming angry and frustrated. This type of mullarkey is quite different from the hooliganism that has been linked, either correctly or otherwise, with the move to the London Stadium.

In a similar incident, Jordan Dunn, the West Ham fan  invaded the pitch and took a free kick for the bemused Spurs during the Hammers’ opening game of the season in 2014, and was fined £305 for his efforts. The astute Dunn subsequently opened a crowd funding account which easily generated adequate funds to pay off his court debts.

Meanwhile, maybe Gaz and Shearer could lighten up a bit – it’s the Cup and with that anything is possible!

P.S. How many fans presumed there was nudity on show rather than simple cosplay?

P.P.S. No matter how much you dislike him, Fat Frank was brave to attend the match and gave a reasonable account of himself.

P.P.P.S. Very best wishes to West Ham's in-house Superhero - the legend that is David Gold and wishing him a super-speedy recovery.

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