Sunday 29 January 2017

Payet Fails Marseille Medical!

The footballing Gods have spoken!

In dramatic news, Dimitri Payet has failed his medical at Olympique Marseille!

Despite the very best efforts of the medical team and after extensive testing, they have reported back to the board their devastating findings...

They cannot find a heart!

Maybe they could give him a transplant - it's highly unlikely that he'll find any donors in the East London area!



  1. This whole episode has been pure theater. And in those circles rather than saying 'GOOD LUCK' they say 'BREAK A LEG', lets hope so!

  2. If true he wants the family and him back in france and i think maybe thats correct somehow then the rat is only guilty of taking one mill which must be returned to hammers and oppologise for making the mistake of going on strike against a club that made him a international star before that he was only an average player that wasnt going forwards wont go as far as saying good luck as wouldnt mean it as a supporter who with thousands of others became a hero for our team then a rat in the space of six months. Now jog on payet

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