Sunday 29 January 2017

Football is the Real Loser with the PAYExiT

So Dimi is gone - as he tweeted 'returned home'. West Ham have lost the most talented player they have had since Di Canio (Ed: Actually, some of us think that Dean Ashton was potentially as good), Marseille have got 'their' man.

Actually, Marseille is not really home for Payet as he isn't even from mainland France and only spent two modestly successful years there before switching to London. Marseille are seventh in Ligue 1 - an inferior League to the Premiership where West Ham are on the rise from 10th - hardly an upgrade in Footballing terms is it?

For West Ham, the whole saga has provided a much-needed bonding session, both for the team and fans. Mr Payet has provided the vital 'bad guy' to galvanise our thoughts and energies.  For the club, we have made £15 million profit on Payet in 18 months - not bad business really! 

But the real loser in all this is Footy. For so many kids the whole Payet phenomenon provided them with something to love and even worship. Some of his play was almost otherworldly and he was a key part in West Ham scalping so many of our rivals - something that we all remember seems the most important thing in the world when you are at school and mixing with fans of Arsenal, Man United etc. 

For those kids losing Payet in the way that it has happened is a horrible welcome to the world of grown-ups, where people twist the truth and often let you down. Where what is right matters much less than what works from a financial perspective. Dimitri was a hero to so many kids.

And that's why Payet should return his loyalty bonus to the club 

And the club should refund all kids who bought Payet t-shirts or got Payet put on the back of their replica jerseys - a million squids should cover the cost and would be worth multiples of that in future good will.

This is our club and, yes, there is a West Ham way. Sadly, for all his talent, that isn't the way of Dimitri Payet, Au Revoir, Mon Ami. I hope letting everybody down proves worth it, but my guess is that the football Gods may be angry with you, very angry indeed.


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