Monday 2 January 2017

Carrot gets his revenge on Davids

Wow! A red card for nought followed by interfering with play (twice) and then an unfathomable offside leniency!!!

Jasper was at his comic best this evening at the Olympic Stadium where he shudda been reprimanded for simulation (of a Premiership referee) as he handed a win to a Man United side who were otherwise outplayed by a gallant ten-man West Ham who bravely soldiered on despite having been cruelly reduced to ten men for 80 minutes.

Whatever about Jasper's ridiculous red card decision, the offside second goal for Man United was truly scandalous and raises issues about the need for video technology in the modern 21st Century game!

The blues fan seemed well out of order for much of the game and maybe should stick to stand up comedy as his principal earner. The Davids may have moved on from their time propping up the Blues but this was harsh repayment! Presumably Feghouli's red will be rescinded?

Tzzzzam. More injustice.


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