Friday 20 January 2017

Payet in Loan Deal to Rotherham

Poor old Dimitri Payet - having marooned himself at West Ham by taking the unusual step of refusing to play until Marseille come and save him from all this English horribleness, he is now reported in the French media as annoyed with Marseille for not pushing harder to liberate him from his self-imposed isolation! Oops - Has he been double crossed by his former employers?

Nobody will play with us....
In reality, Payet is increasingly starting to look like the new Peter Odemwingie. Odemwingie infamously tried to pull a similar stunt on his then employers West Brom back in January 2013. Substitute QPR for Marseille and it's a similar position for Mr Payet just now as Marseille's hopes of picking him up for £15 million less than his market value seems to be well stalled as the Hammers are holding firm and refuse to be bullied by the Gallic tacticians!

Odemwingie ultimately had to return to West Brom to an unamused Baggies fan base and despite a public apology faced endless jeers until he was finally let go at the end of the season. Clearly the whole incident affected him badly as he then endured a disappointing loss of form and slipped from Stoke City to Cardiff and is now plying his trade with mighty Rotherham.

Maybe West Ham should just fast track Dimitri Payet to Rotherham - they could certainly do with him as they are stranded at the bottom of the Championship a full nine points adrift of relegation safety.  On the up side, Payet would team up nicely with Odemwingie and they could discuss how not to fashion a transfer to a 'bigger' club!



  1. Odemwingie not even at Rotherham

    1. Yes he is - Squad #13. Lucky for some!

    2. He left told manager by text didnt want to play. So they said bog off then

  2. We don't want him he's your problem if he don't go home he will sit on his arse and moan I want to go home. Just send him on loan to get his family setttled back in France and see how he is next season

  3. IT'S OUR MANAGER AND CAPTAIN ACTING CHILDISH NOW BETWEEN THEM IT COULD HAVE BEEN TALKED THROUGH WEEKS AGO if the captain hasn't been talking to payet for a while as reported that is so poor leadership

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