Sunday 15 January 2017

West Ham Identify Milano As Payet Escape Club

Want-away Hammers star Dimitri Payet has put his employers in an impossible situation with his disgraceful refusal to play for the club. having accepted a £1million loyalty bonus only 10 weeks ago! He is now essentially on strike and holding the club to ransom to force a move elsewhere.

We've all had that experience at work when you realise what having a contract of employment means and that your boss can send you wherever you are considered most needed. Surely a similar logic should apply to our high-earning soccer stars?

Given that Payet is so determined to leav, We at VERYWESTHAM have identified just the club for the midfield 'talisman'. FC Milano sound like just the 'big' club that Payet claims to prefer to little West Ham, but rather than the Italian giants we were thinking of a loan move to the club that is propping up the Macedonian league with only one win all season!

With their owner in and out of trouble for smuggling and firearms offences, Mr Payet might be a little less inclined to throw a 'Dimi wont play' strop and one suspects would be likely to find a new sense of 'loyalty'! Even better, the financial situation is so grave that players receive minimal payment for the honour of turning out for the club and are thus unafflicted by the greed that has soured Payet's reputation - FC Milano thus offers the perfect destination for Dimitri to reclaim some footballing respect. Perhaps Diego Costa could also go as his bodyguard!

However, back at the London Stadium despite all the tough talk from the Hammers board, with an estimated value of £35 million and receiving over £100,000 per week in wages, Club chairmen Sullivan and Gold are merely delaying the inevitable by claiming that he is not for sale as ultimately, money talks and traitors walk!

With Payet's former club now back in the cash, it is hard not to suspect that this is all part of a well-choreographed move that will allow Marseille to recapture Payet at a reduced price. The currently favoured view is that Payet might be let go in the Summer, but as Hammers fans stamped over his shirt outside the Olympic Stadium yesterday, its hard to see him playing for the club again.

Sad times - this is the kind of saga that puts people off football. As the Liverpool fans put it when Fernando Torres departed for Chelsea - "He who betrays will always walk alone". Torres certainly found that to be the case as, having offended the footballing Gods, he never rediscovered his mojo.




  1. Can't anyone see through this the board and manager say they won't sell payet just knowing the how the fans will react perfect excuse to sell then

  2. Makes sense to sell, no point having goods rottting on the shelf!

  3. The traitor Payet, Dimitri Payet, I just don't think you understand. He's greedier than Defoe, the Judas has to go, Fug off Dimitri Payet.

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