Monday 16 January 2017

Payet Solution Emerges

It's been a horrible week for Hammers fans with the realisation that our star player is little more than an economic mercenary who is now holding the club to ransom in an effort to force a move elsewhere.

Most fans will accept that a player's career is short enough and that they need to be pretty ruthless in their late 20s if they are to realise their potential at the highest stage. For clubs like West Ham, we have to accept that we are not quite that big (yet!) and that we cannot offer Champions' League opportunites.

However, there is a basic level of honesty and honour that fans demand from their 'heroes'. It's only 10 weeks since Mr Payet accepted a £1 million loyalty bonus and there is a massive difference between asking to leave and refusing to play.

Contractually, West Ham could bin Payet in the reserves but his market value is such that it would be an expensive gesture and the club are trying to build so that this type of thing becomes less likely in the future.

David Gold has suggested removing the January transfer window, but this would be harsh on clubs who have injuries and would necessitate allowing bigger squads with all the problems that would bring.

Maybe instead its time for some people power - why not start a crowdsourcing fund to resource keeping Payet at the club and making an example of him? If he is refusing to play then surely the club can refuse to pay his wages, so the main issue is the loss of revenue in transfer value - that would likely be considerable but is it finally time for real fans - not just West Ham fans - to say no to this cynical manipulation of our game?

What do you think? Should UEFA get off their backsides and impose sanctions on players who behave like this - a six month ban would certainly soften the arrogance that underpins this type of blatant contract breach and let's face it, this is the type of behaviour that presents a perfect example of bringing the game into disrepute!



  1. how about this, we bring payet and a rope down to london bridge and make an example of him for all to see?

  2. Good idea seeing as hes a traitor

  3. Payet handled things badly yes but what the hell has our captain been doing not his job obviously now coming to light he hasn't spoken to payet for several weeks can't be right


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