Thursday 12 January 2017

Who Ever Thought that the End of the Insider would bring L'Etranger?

Bloody Hell, in the very week that West Ham realised the need to tone down the brash announcements in the media during the sensitive period of the transfer window, suddenly all this breaks out with our in house Frenchman Dimitri Payet. Currently in L'etranger mode, it's worth noting that our hero has previously had a January transfer window blow out whilst at St Etiennes after which he dismissed it as nothing much and got on with playing for his club once they faced him down - which is how Bilic and Co are playing it.

Which brings me to one of my all-time favourite jokes:
Q: "How may Frenchmen does it take to save the women of Paris from the attentions of invaders?"
A: I guess we'll never know!

Relying on the loyalty of Mr Payet is naïve but give him a few days and don't aggravate him too much and one suspects that he'll return until the end of the season. After a lost year we were unlikely to hold on to him beyond that anyway.



  1. If billic had setup westham right from the beginning of the season instead of going backwards we wouldn't be in this situation can you blame him for wanting to be successful from a very disgruntled west ham fan

    1. Agree billic at fault here he's got a lot to answer for bad signings players playing out of position to


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