Friday 20 January 2017

Top International Detective Brought in to Solve Mystery of Payet's Vandalised Car

Media reports overnight have alleged that Dimitri Payet's care has been targeted by vandals who, according to reports, have thrown a brick at one of his (multiple) expensive cars. The clear implication in these reports is that disgruntled West Ham fans are responsible. Hmmm. 

Interestingly, the paparazzi haven't managed to come up with any photographic evidence of the reported vandalism and certainly there is no evidence that West Ham fans were responsible. After the furore around the violence that was reported at the London Stadium earlier in the season, which many observers feel were more than a little exaggerated, many fans will be understandably sceptical about these latest events.

Were Hercule Poirot available to take on the case, the Belgian sleuth would probably have a VERY open mind about the reports as they are hardly likely to advance any position West Ham are taking (so why would West Ham fans be involved?) but would certainly add to the growing sympathy for Mr Payet.

With possibly £10-12 million of a gap between the Marseille bid and West Ham's valuation of the player there are other considerations as to who might benefit from such actions. There certainly is a lot of cash at stake! 

And, of course, there is always the possibility that the alleged events have nothing to do with footie and are, as the French would put it, un Crime d'amour!

Undoubtedly Hercule will sort it al out for us.


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  1. West ham you were the most admired team in England known for your good football this year you've become a bunch of clowns a laughing stock from a west ham fan disgusted


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