Friday 20 January 2017

Legendary Diplomat Intervenes in Payet 'War'

The Dimitri Payet debacle took yet another unexpected twist this morning. With the two sides locked in combat over the Frenchman's future, top football Diplomat Paul 'The Guvnor' Ince added some helpful advice to the debate. 

Speaking on his Paddy Power supported column, Incey opinioned that “Payet has disrespected the manager, his team-mates, the club and the fans,” He further added that “The longer he sits in the stands the club are paying his wages and his transfer value is decreasing" 

Ince, an experienced war mongerer then concluded “In reality he has to go. That’s the best solution for West Ham.” 

Meanwhile, VERYWESTHAM's legendary in-house negotiator Harry Kissmyarsinger has suggested that West Ham need to address the plumbing problem that has caused this terrible mess - "Somewhere there is a tap dripping and it's turned innocent little Dimitri's head" 

In other news, Marseille's apparent total monopoly on the proposed transfer continues even though Payet is clearly an attractive option for many of Europe's top sides. Payet has persisted with the presumption that Marseille will want him back yet in no way could they have possibly influenced the current situation in a way that might be considered 'tapping up'.

We truly are in the post-truth era!



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  1. Bit rich coming from the player who had his picture taken in a Man U shirt, while still being a West Ham player,(a player I!! Saw coming out of a restaurant opposite Barking Station Essex, looking as fit as a fiddle,when he was ment to be on crutches and injured?) STICK TO WHAT YOU KNOW BEST!! NOTHING 😂


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