Friday 6 January 2017

Hammers Robbed by More Refereeing Errors

Just when you expected the FA to get it right after Mike Dean's atrocious performance at the London Stadium earlier in the week, up pops Michael Oliver with another series of howlers tonight which undoubtedly cost West Ham a tightly fought encounter with a wishy-washy Man City side who looked to be intimidated by the Stadium atmosphere.

First up, he awarded a VERY soft penalty (of the 15-20% certainty variety) just when the Hammers looked set to take control of the game.

Then, he refused to award a penalty to Sofiane Feghouli when he was bundled off the ball just as he was about to equalise for the determined Hammers.

And as if that wasn't enough, Oliver only played 46 seconds of injury time even though the game had been stopped for more than four minutes as Bacary Sagna indulged in some cynical time wasting with City holding on at 4-0.

Ridiculous, simply unacceptable. 


  1. They lose 5-0 and the claim is "robbed"? Surely this is satire?

    1. Errrr...yes. It's all we have left to console us at this time of immense pain.

  2. Bad refereeing aside the fact still remains west ham were appauling.

  3. Stop making excuses manager clueless captain weak


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