Monday 16 January 2017

Payet Finds Unexpected Ally as Negotiations Continue

As the full extent of the Payet betrayal hits home it has become apparent that he has no friends to turn to - except perhaps Michael Gove and the guys down the 'two-faced traitor' support group. At this stage West Ham are into damage limitation mode and trying to salvage the best possible. In reality, it's VERY hard to see Payet ever playing for the club again - even with his neck!

As such, maybe it's time that West Ham opened the bidding to more than just Marseille. While there is no evidence (yet) that he has been unduly influenced by any other club, it's hard not to notice that his trip back to Marseille for a 'friendly' match seems to have triggered his sudden extreme determination to leave.

All soon to be betrayed
Now that he is so unsettled maybe we just need to try to squeeze as much as we can for the want-away player. It's no time at all since a host of Europe's richest clubs wanted Payet's attentions and one senses that if West Ham give the green light that a host of potential suitors are likely to come out of the woodwork.

As things stand, it looks like the Hammers are being corralled into dealing with a single bidder (Marseille) who are looking for Payet at a budget price. With the canny Sullivan and Gold in the middle of things, you sense there's a lot more in this saga yet!

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  1. All this is a thinly veiled gallic trick.

    I haven't heard anything about returning loyalty bonuses and the surplus on his renegotiated contract last year.


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