Monday 11 November 2013

Are West Ham destined to enter 2014 in the relegation zone?

Oh No, Not again?
Undoubtedly the Hammers had mucho good fortune at the beginning of last season and managed to get a healthy points tally on the board before a series of tough fixtures arrived. This year that luck has deserted them and they are stuck on a mere ten points after 11 games, with just two wins and a dreadful scoring record. Too good to go down? All too familiar a concept for Hammers faithful who know only too well that once you get dragged in to the relegation mire, it’s pretty tough trying to get out again.

This time last year (i.e. after eleven games) West Ham had amassed 18 points – we have eight further Premiership fixtures before the years end that will take us to the half way mark in the season at 19 games. However, it’s worth noting that these include matches against Arsenal and Chelsea (Home) as well as Liverpool and Man United (away). Crystal Palace (away) and Fulham (home) look like massive games for us right now.

With the Carroll situation dragging on and on, and now news that (probably) our best performer may be out until the New Year, it’s all getting a bit sweaty. As the old adage says; you need ten wins to stay up and we cannot score regularly enough to grab those so vital three point rewards. Realistically, anything less than 20 points at the half way stage and you are going to be in the relegation scrap come season’s end.  

Some fans were moaning last year that the end of season was a hollow affair as we were neither on the cusp of Europe nor in any real danger at any point. Some folk obviously enjoy the sweaty histrionics of the relegation run in! Thankfully, the ultimate observation is that although this side can be grim to watch at times, they are undoubtedly fighters – let’s just hope we don’t need a win on the final day!  


  1. Before all that we need a striker who can put the ball away and who wants to play for us because its quite clear Carroll Doesn;t and I wouldn;t be surprised if he never plays for us again

  2. After 50 odd years on this West ham treadmill I can tell you that nothing changes. Same old Hammers...great one week then just hopeless the next. Inconsistency has dogged this club for as long as anyone can remember and im beginning to think its just woven into its DNA. Its actually a chore at times supporting West Ham, if not downright dangerous to ones health !!!

  3. Yeah, we are slipping into it all again. Problem is that the better players get itchy when there's no sign of forward progress - we will end up losing the momentum that the Olympic Stadium / Champions League future brings - this is what's keeping Diame and Reid (and maybe Morrision) with us.


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