Monday, 26 January 2015

Fletcher Fails Medical due to "bad feet"

As Norman Stanley Fletcher once famously confessed when confronted by the Slade prison medics "with these bad feet who'd have me".

And so it is as the rumour mill gathers suggesting that West ham are about to sign the soon-to-be out of contract Darren Fletcher, one wonders at the wisdom of taking on board a player who has amassed a mere 34 games in the last four seasons at Manchester United.

Moreover, its hard to see how Fletcher can improve on our recent record of taking on Man U rejects as experiences with Ravel Morrison and Luke Chadwick suggest that the Mancunians are craftier than we imagine in deciding when a player is surplus to requirements (the days of Stuart Pearson are long over!). Our current success is based upon pace and agility that the 30 year old midfielder no longer has. If we really plan to build a squad with  Champions league pretentions we surely need to look for up and coming rather than fading (modest) talents.

This doesn't smack of progress. More like consolidation. Is Fletcher really an improvement on Jack Collison - both ability and fitness-wise? Moreover, poor Diego Poyet must be wondering what he has signed up to...

Let's hope Tony Pulis is more successful in his efforts to 'hijack' West ham's bid to sign the aging midfielder than to frustrate our FA cup ambitions!


  1. Looks like Song must be on his way if we are scraping around for has been replacements

  2. song is on a season long loan (don't think this can be broken) but maybe he'll be next years replacement, can just imagine the midfield next season noble Nolan fletcher in the middle of a 5 man defensive midfield please don't let fat sam sign this flop and pls don't renew fat sam's contract either

  3. 24 goals in 342 apps. Says it all.

  4. Still people are calling for BFS to go... just what are you wanting from the club?? We are seventh, 4 points of champion league position & in the last 16 of the FA Cup & as a whole playing exciting football.(I know a few games we have played sh#t, but the difference is we are still getting results when playing crap).
    Terrible.. sack the manager, sack the board, wasted millions on flops last summer!!!
    Or.. get your head out of your backside and enjoy the ride.

    1. what, with these feet?

  5. So so true enjoy the ride sam as worked wonders this year and lets hope for more come on u HAMMERS oi oi

  6. Too loyal to Nolan and did not want Sakho tells you everything fat Sam to go

  7. If his feet are up to it.

  8. The board and Teddy Sheringham have worked wonders, Sam is enjoying the ride as we watch players like Valencia and Amalfitano get sidelined in place for fat Sams old worn out favs getting pitch time and walked over. Sam out, younger blood in place of fringe players, keep existing talent and then WH have a great team to take to the new stadium. Fletcher has no place in WH future.

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