Sunday, 11 January 2015

Andy Floats like a butterfly...

...and stings like a bee!
Watching big Andy Carroll's stunning goal against Swansea yesterday brought to mind the classic Muhammed Ali mantra as the big man danced his way gracefully across the box before sending out a stinger of a shot into the top corner. MAGIC!!! An immediate favourite for Hammers goal of the season.

It starts with Andy taking a routine header down...

Then dancing across the Swansea box, jinking away from three defenders

He steadies himself and then 
decides to let fly

OMG....It's a stunner.

All Fabianski can do is fling himself hopelessly across the goal!


Have you anything to add to your comments of late about the Carroll/Bony choice?

Noisy noisy Mr Sullivan

Champion - Perhaps you should keep it that way!

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