Saturday 31 January 2015

How Carroll Survived Brendan "the Berserker"...

Andy Carroll is set to join the list of survivors of psychological torture as he finally revealed the extent of the mental abuse he was subjected to during his time at Liverpool FC.

Trust me...

In a hard hitting interview, Carroll described a pattern of head-wrecking interactions with Reds boss Brendan 'the beserker' Rodgers.

Probably quite clever

Dr Rodgers, who has an honours degree in sports psychobabbleology, is thought to have lost the run of himself with a series of bizarre experiments apparently aimed to develop a new form of shitespeak based upon the principles of paradoxical futility.

Andy was deeply affected by the abuse
Carroll describes being assured of his role in all things Liverpool in face to face encounters with Rodgers but then these were frequently followed up with telephone conversations suggesting he should get out while he could....even to Foolham!

Today's clash thus provides the perfect opportunity for Andy to complete his journey of recovery and strike a blow for all victims of mental torture.


  1. its a pity after todays game,your useless club would move out of relevance, typical small club mentality...that piece of waste Carroll spouting crap about a club he wishes he was in

  2. 'Agree with u about Rodgers..he is only out for himself! Little man syndrome, his ego is legendary..My favourite moment of the "Being Liverpool" documentary was the shot of his living room and the huge picture of himself on the wall (not him and his,just him!)

  3. Our "useless small club" smashed your DVD player stealing scouse arses in September and we'll do it again today. I'll lend you my pen so you can sign for benefits and I'll even buy you a new tracksuit so you can dry your eyes on it. COYI

  4. with Glen Johnson to start at Centreback xpect more than two goals

  5. I think that anyone who played opposite Roy Keane suffered true psychological torture (best not say where I live then ;-)


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