Monday 5 January 2015

Allardyce and Zarate Settle their differences

If I catch up with you I will bloody throttle ya you little*^'**!

Just kidding!!! Even though there can only be one winner when any of the playing staff take on Sam, Mauro Zarate couldn't keep a tight enough lid on it and has upset his boss by questioning whether he was getting a fair shot in proceedings at high flying West ham. Bad move. Sam differs from most modern managers by virtue of the fact that he demands absolute loyalty and does not tolerate disobedience or pander to manipulative behaviour

 In the greater scheme of things this stubborn philosophy almost certainly means that we get a more disciplined contribution from our highly paid employees. On the down side, some more volatile players fall off the wagon - as Ravel Morrison and now Mauro Zarate know.

The spat seems a mighty foolish handbags affair as nothing particularly acidic has been said. Moreover, both parties need each other more than they appear willing to concede - the AfCoN is the ideal opportunity for Zarate to get what he wants in terms of a major role in the starting line up, while Allardyce needs the striker now more than ever before. Sam appears to be unusually irritated by Zarate who most neutrals wouls say perhaps has a point, as he has played really well when given the rare oportunity to show what he can do. Moreover, after a couple of Fallings out before leaving his most recent clubs, Zarate needs to show that he has discipline as well as talent.

Latest news suggests that Zarate has not met QPRs required medical standards which bodes badly for any proposed move elsewhere, even on loan. Perhaps it's time for Big Sam and little Mauro to shake hands and get on with the business of football.

If they cannot settle their differences and with the gathering injuries and AfCon departures, Allardyce might be forced to offer an olive branch to Ravel Morrison!!!

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