Saturday 6 June 2015

Ex-Hammers Go To War!

It was a truly bizarre scene when two top Argentinians arrived seemingly out of nowhere to Upton Park in 2006. The benused faces of the two lads are only matched by Alain DePardieu's perfectly puzzled expression. If things had gotten strange, even greater weirdness awaited as Mascherano was ignored as worldbeater hayden Mullins was preferred in the holding midfield role, while Teves huffed and puffed before hitting top gear with ten games to go in what was truly the greatest relegation escape of all time! Yes, even greater than Leicester this season or Crystal Pulis the year before.

Then there was the Tevezgate affair as tragic Sheffield United (remember them?) managed to squeeze £26 million compo from the Hammers over incorrect paperwork but could not reverse the slide into third tier oblivion.

Anyhoo - tonight sees our two heroes reunited as Tevez's Juve take on Masch's mighty Barca in the Champion's League final. We are rooting for the Apache to swing it for Juventus before returning home to his beloved West Ham for next season's Boleyn finale.


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