Friday 26 June 2015

New Soccer Stalking Technology Released

We've all grown out of the onesie and tired of the endless selfies, but today a new rage was launched when VERYWESTHAM unleashed the perfect photographic stalking tool for Soccer fans - "THE FOOTIE"!!!

The ingenious means of documenting that you captured a soccer celebrity to yourself without ruining the shot by including your own ugly mug is sure to take the football world by storm!

The VERYWESTHAM team took the opportunity at West Ham's training session in Ireland to test out the technology and you can see the stunning result!

The technique requires that the stalker (1) identify a suitably famous footie player, and then (2) point their camera at same 'stalkee', then (3) lie back and raise your foot until it enters the lower zone of the shot, and (4) HEY PRESTO!!! a Footie is born!

Above we can see the unsuspecting James Tomkins, Joey O'Brien and Mauro Zarate caught in a classic footie snap!

But perhaps best of all, here we have the new management team at West Ham 'footied' with young Rory Meagher (The VWH youth correspondent) in attendance!

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