Monday 29 June 2015

Europa League Clash Offers Sneak Preview of Olympic Stadium!

As the initial relief that West Ham had avoided Azerbaijani opposition for the first round of the Europa League subsided, it quickly became evident that a trip to Andorra to see the away leg against FC Lusitanos would be unlikely to include attending the match as the only stadium in Andorra has a capacity of a mere 899!!! Tickets for away fans would be as rare as the fictional Wonka Golden Tickets of the famous book & film!

However, our crack sleuths at VERYWESTHAM have identified a way in which Hammers fans can watch the game whilst also getting in practice for the category 5 seating at the Olympic Stadium! The stadium is overlooked by steep hills on all sides - and these could prove the perfect vantage point from which to view the match! Moreover, the climate is such that there should be no need for anything other than the Earth's own roof to keep away any inclement weather.

One down side however, is that the usual overpriced and information-deficient programmes and super-unhealthy stadium nosh would not be available in this part of the ground. Fans may be expected to forego the delights of paying a fiver for a shrivelled piece of rubber whilst looking at endless advertisements for insurance and the like.

As we said earlier this week - the Europa League would test the determination of even the most loyal West Ham fans!


  1. You're overlooking the clearest preparation for the OS - the pitch is surrounded by a running track!

  2. We could pose as hurdles or other track accoutrements


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