Monday 22 June 2015

Europa League Guide: The best way to get a ticket for the Lusitanos match

After all the speculation about trips to Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, the Hammers were handed a much softr option in the first qualifying round of the Europa League.

Drawn against Andorran part-timers FC Lusitanos, the Hammers management will be pleased that preseason training can progress at a gentle pace. Previous adventures in Europe have seen the club trounced by clubs from Malta and the mighty Faroes. The club were formed in 1999 and are heavily influenced by the Portuguese community in Andorra.

On the down side, Andorra has a population of only 85,000 and only one stadium with a capacity of 899. Needless to say, if you are looking to attend West ham's first European football in a decade, probably the best route for getting a ticket is through buying Wonka chocolate bars!

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  1. They might move the match to a bigger stadium in France or Spain


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