Wednesday 10 June 2015

Hammers Euro Opposition Revealed!

In joyous scenes on the final day of the season West Ham ushered in a new and daring era of football at the club as Big Sam departed just as the team nailed down a Europa League spot. In the subsequent three weeks, there has been much huffing and puffing until finally, ex-CB Slaven Bilic returned as head honcho.

Bilic brings considerable European experience with him in terms of his highly successful period as National team manager for Croatia as well as quality campaigns with Besiktas in the last two seasons of Your Ropey League.

Who does he think he is - Geoff Wurst?
The Hammers will certainly be needing this experience as the European scene has changed considerably since their last (brief) adventure almost a decade ago. As last years competition demonstrated, even 'civilised' nations like Austria are capable of turning out terrifyingly confusing cross-gender horror/excitement!

Similarly, traditionally boring nations like Finland have upped their game and pride themselves with a variety of demonic pyrotechnics that will undoubtedly make for tremendously challenging away fixtures where visiting fans run the risk of becoming human sacrifices to the Nordic dark lords as well as bankrupted by the price of a beer!

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But for many naysayers, the prospect of visits further East to Russia raise questions as to the wisdom of committing their millionaire Premiership superstars to prolonged 'negotiations' with elderly village women folk.

Perhaps most bizarre was the name of their entry: 'Party for evrybody'!

While a draw against the recent Estonian entrants - Winny Puhh - emphasize how West Ham fans will need to face the Europa League with a very open mind!

Is That Bonzo, Frank Senior and Pikey? 
Either way, West Ham have the perfect entrant to compete with Mancunian Folk singer LVG in next season's Managerial Eurovision...

If you want to hear Bilic's band - Rawbau - click on the link below!



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