Wednesday 23 January 2013

Arseham United XI: Players who have done a turn for both

Ahead of the crunch midweek Premier league clash between the Hammers of East London and Gunners of North London we reflect upon those players who have graced both clubs with their endeavours – the  ‘ Arseham United XI’.  Davey Hammers give his verdict on which club got the better shift from these players during their spells at the clubs.

Davey Hammer says

Almost claimed the Gooners stopper spot but unfortunately prone to wobbly moments. Played a mere filler role for Hammers last season. Verdict Gooners.

Never made it at Arsenal but has thrived at the Hammers since arriving three years ago and just signed a new contract extension. Verdict Hammers.

Part of the legendary Gooners ‘tight-arse’ back four. Hammers got a decent twilight shift for two and a half seasons. Verdict Gooners.

Fell out of favour at the Arse and despite injuries problems was a tenacious performer in the Hammers midfield. Verdict Hammers

Solid periods of around 100 games for both clubs but never really stamped his ownership on a position at either. Verdict: score draw.

Didn’t quite make the grade at Arsenal but blossomed at Birmingham and was a solid performer at the Hammers for two seasons before his confidence seemed to dip.  Verdict Hammers.

Another arsenal legend. Gifted with a cultured left foot and remarkable hard to dispossess. Verdict Gooners.

Part of an awesome Gooners unit that pillaged all afore them. Hammers got stung by a well past it pro who was simply squeezing another (expensive) season from a gullible Icelandic-led Hammers.Verdict: Gooners

Legend. Gooners enjoyed endless years of Wrighty scoring for fun. Fabtastic pundit – albeit underused due to his earnest volatility! Hammers were privileged to enjoy a period in his twilight that was also pretty productive. Verdict Gooners. 

Back when he had pace and a hunger mostly for football Hartson was a right handful. Good scoring record and capable of all sorts of mayhem. Hammers got the better shift by far. Verdict : Hammers.

First plied his Premiership trade at the Boleyn and was a big hit before stolen by the scousers. Has wandered somewhat aimlessly since, including a pointless period at the Emirates. Verdict Hammers.
Score draw!!! 5.5 each.
Substitutes:  Maroanne Chamakh; Lee Chapman; Henri Lansbury; Kaba Diawara.


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