Saturday 20 February 2016

West Ham Embroiled in New Political Storm over Stadium

West Ham's acquisition of the Olympic Stadium for very favourable terms has provoked considerable political controversy and no small amount of green-eyed resentment from fans of rival clubs. While this has clipped some of the plans for the stadium and undoubtedly contributed to West Ham being forced to operate a reduced 54,000 capacity, the recurring political rumblings could prove to be an unexpected Godsend!

It has become increasingly apparent that around 25,000 fans will find themselves stranded on the priority list with no available season tickets to purchase. Even more disappointing is the fact that as many as 20,000 seats will sit unoccupied on matchdays due to planning regulations!!! Undoubtedly, the envious eyes of West ham haters will be watching carefully to see that these seats remain empty despite the obvious demand from fans.

As the board seek to find ways to accommodate fans, one ingenious suggestion has been to suggest that there is a political rally afoot on matchdays! It is well recognised that the attendance at such events is grossly under-reported by the mainstream media. As such, the Hammers could cram 70,000 plus into the stadium and if it is labelled as an anti-austerity event then this will likely be reported in official figures as just 20,000!!!

Even better, with high profile fans such Russell Brand fond of a protest or two, the Hammers are perfectly positioned to sneak in those unfortunate fans who will otherwise be excluded from the new era of affordable football FOR ALL.


  1. Why is it athletics and rugby can have 60k seats but football can't begining to think a conspiracy theory exsists lol..Also just decided never to watch football focus anymore! We never get a mention.

  2. Planning has kept the max of 54,000 seats. Also the every seat sold has to a certain site line ( distance from pitch) i've read we are looking at the possibility of increasing upto 60,000.

  3. Maybe they could use the extra 6k seats as "quarter" season tickets so that everybody on the waiting list gets "in" for 5 games at least?

  4. Let's have 70k
    Put the spuds to shame.

  5. Real pity for fans who wont get a ST. There must be some scheme to keep attendance affordable if they want to go regularly.


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