Saturday 13 February 2016

Fans Demand Increased Olympic Stadium Capacity

No room at the Inn?
There can be no doubting the financial smarts of the management team at West Ham. Having inherited a financial basket case, they have patiently transformed the club into Europe's greatest growing football force with a squad, manager and stadium to be trult proud of.

However, many longtime fans are struggling to get a piece of the action in the 'New West Ham'. When the capacity of the Olympuc stadium was first announced at 54,000 many observers chortled that the club would never fill it. As we fast approach the opening of the new stadium, a veritable stampede has erupted for season tickets, with rumours of 30,000 waiting on the "priority" list for a mere 7000 tickets.

One issue that has always been in the background is that the potential
capacity of the OS is in reality still 74,000 and that it is planned to cover over 20,000 seats on march days. This is madness if there are thousands of disappointed fans unable to attend. Our hunch is that those canny Davids and Mrs Brady Wiseoldlady are ready to put in for a capacity extension.

For thise on the priority list surely its time to mobilise a campaign to support such a move?


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