Saturday 20 February 2016

Pioneering Architectural Design Provides Solution to Olympic Stadium Debacle

The problem with insufficient capacity at West Ham's new Olympic Stadium has generated a whole host of clever solutions, ranging from cloaking devices to fan shrinking technology! However, the combination of state of the art East London design with traditional cockney opportunism can provide perhaps the best solution of all.

The Arcelormittal Orbit is East London's most unusually designed structure - located right beside the Olympic Stadium, at 114M high it towers above West Ham's new home (63m high) and provides a unique view of the action inside the stadium! Although the distance might require binoculars, in fact the view is at least equivalent to that at Old Trafford in the upper seats and very similar to that from the flats that overlook trusty old Upton Park that have provided free viewing of the action for years!

That goal was clearly offside!

Even better, there will be abseiling opportunities available for those fans who want that additional adrenaline rush during games. but perhaps best of all, with an annual admittance fee of £10 for local borough residents and £12 for others, it provides truly affordable football!!!


  1. You need to be much closer to appreciate the full brilliance of Mr Payet

  2. With the new roof on the Olympic stadium you can't see anything from the orbit


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