Thursday 18 February 2016

West Ham Identify Major Breakthrough in Olympic Stadium Capacity

As the remaining season tickets are being quickly hoovered up by those lucky enough to have joined the priority list within ten minutes of it's opening, Hammers fans are looking for other solutions in their efforts to find a way into the Olympic Stadium for next season.

One suggestion has been to operate a golden ticket-style competition based upon the seventies movie classic Willy Wonka and the chocolate Factory. However, many observers have noted that this would only solve the problems of the five lucky ticket finders, leaving another 29,595 without any hope of getting a slice of the new stadium action!

As an alternative, some fans have noted that the Wonka film may provide an alternative solution. In the storyline, spoilt brat ticket winner Mike Teavee is shrunk into a tiny microperson by one of Wonka's devices designed to teleport chocolate bars through the television. Growing rumours suggest that the Hammers management have purchased the device and hope to shrink Hammers fans so that they can fit into a special tinypersons section of the new stadium!

Although many have criticised the plans, suggesting that they are unworkable on the mass level that would be required to accommodate all those on the priority list, it seems that right now this is the best hope for the 30,000 or so who seem destined to be disappointed.

Given the ingenuity of the board, who have teleported the club from financial ruin to being Europe's fastest growing club in less than five years, we expect that they will have a selection of solutions for fans. At VWH we promise to keep you updated as the situation undoubtedly evolves.


  1. I only joined in December. Guess theres no chance of getting a ticket

  2. Maybe they could set up some ticket sharing scheme for those who don't want to go to every game?

    1. Hi there! Well that's where the West Ham TICKET TRADER system comes Into operation whereby us current season ticket holders allow our ticket / card to be purchased If we can't make the game. On the down side, you the public could be paying anything from £70 to £95 depending on the Category of the game, either 1 or 2? Like yourself no doubt, I think It's disgusting to charge these prices, especially as we're not even challenging for champions League football year In year out! However, as us In our little group are only paying £500 per season ticket, I'd Imagine you'd be looking at paying between £35 & £55 again depending on the game category. Sorry I can't be of anymore help, but they should just allow the capacity to be 66,000 which It can be, then make season tickets / matchday tickets even cheaper!!

  3. it's still almost six months away. Surely it cant be too hard to increase the planning permission to allow some more in.

  4. If they knew that they would not be able to supply an extra 30,000 season tickets why did they continue to charge £10 to be put on a list that they would not be able to complete. Another little money making scam??? There should of been a limit to how many names could be put on that list. Thanks West Ham.

  5. I tweeted DG yesterday asking for clarity on the priority list but no response......It's a tough one for the board as I don't think anybody really expected this level of demand. all the same, the priority list is still being actively promoted....WHY???

  6. how about the 100k free tickets for local residents to watch WHU at the new stadium

  7. All in good time i.e. not next season but when the capacity increases!

  8. Stadiums are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities, ensuring inclusivity for all.


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