Monday 22 February 2016

West Ham Face Serious Stewarding Shortage at Olympic Stadium

Yes, he gets paid for this!
There's simply got to be some way for the 25,000 stuck on the West Ham 'priority' list to get a slice of the action at the Olympic Stadium next season. It appears that the board are trying to increase the stadium capacity but that solution is likely to come too late for many and they are thus open to all reasonable suggestions as they seek to share the new West Ham with everybody who wants to commit.

With the LLDC unlikely in the short term to permit the capacity to be increased from the current allowance of 54,000 spectators, one option is to 'employ' fans as match day stewards! For a nominal fee, fans could sign up to provide voluntary stewarding of those sections of the ground that will be covered up during matches!

Also, with the levels of excitement that are likely as the club push upwards and onwards, there will be a need for additional medical staff to keep an eye out for dangerously overecstatic fans.

And then there's the issue with matchday mascots...they've been hard at it all season so we can expect lots of additions to the bubbles and hammer clan.

One final solution would be to join the Metropolitan Police and apply for matchday responsibilities, but that is viewed by many as an unreasonable suggestion.

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  1. my friend at work and his wife have applied to be stewards at the new stadium.


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