Saturday 13 February 2016

Ultimate Rejection For Captain Claret

In appauling scenes this evening, West ham fans were forced to endure an interview with Wicked Woy Hodgson on MOTD. Cornered by Alan Shearer, Woy was asked whether Mark Noble's consistently fantastic performances for West Ham might be relevant to an Engerland call up.

Poor Alan received the classic 'change the subject' response with a loada drivel about how happy Woy is with his existing midfield (???) and an obfuscating interlude about Danny Drinkwater(???)...ZZZZ!

Mark, we love you BUT you will never get an England call up under 'tactical genius' Woy. He has no intention of bringing you in and realistically It's time you cut your losses and declared for know it's true and we would welcome you with open minds, arms and hearts.....not like Woy and his saddo cronies!!!!


  1. Sadly I make you right, Roy is the one eyed man in a kingdom that fits him perfectly.

  2. I am a Hammer, but MN isn't England material

    1. ...and Danny Drinkwater is..????

    2. .....and Fabian Delph gets in England first 11, but can rarely get in his clubs first 17!! & Nobes is a hell of alot better, me thinks....

  3. I am a Hammer, but MN isn't England material

  4. Noble lacks pace but every team needs a player to connect the defence and attack. Noble is excellent at that.

    And unlike most England players over the years, he can take a penalty!


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