Wednesday 17 February 2016

Hammers Secret Plan to Accomodate Fans in Olympic Stadium

As the move to the Olympic Stadium draws ever nearer, one of the main concerns for many fans has been whether they can get one of the precious remaining season tickets. It's a measure of the success of the board that they will easily sell out the season ticket allocation despite an increase in capacity of around 20,000 compared to Upton Park!

However, as recently revealed, there are only 7,000 remaining tickets despite a 30,000plus 'priority' waiting list, suggesting that many fans will be left disappointed. However, hopes were raised today by Chairman David Gold who when asked if it was worthwhile joining the waiting list advised that the tweeter should indeed still sign up to the priority list!

Over the years, Mr Gold has been a refreshing force on twitter with his forthright style. It seems unlikely that he would give bad advice. Equally, Claret and Hugh who highlighted the disparity between availability and demand are usually spot on with their figures. As such thousands of Hammers fans are left wondering what cunning plan the board have to fit all those who want a season ticket into our new home?



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