Friday 8 August 2014

Traitorgate: Is Ravel Morrison the new Paul Ince?

A gaggle of 'big time Charlies'
Just as West Ham release their delicious new third ‘change’ kit with it’s unusual purply-purpleness that provokes images of late nights full of psychedelic mayhem, Rav the Chav Morrison has managed to steal the limelight by bringing embarrassment upon the club and posting a pic of himself wearing an Arsenal jersey whilst posing in his Ferrari (yes – that we as West ham fans have paid for!). This comes on the back of a recent similarly provocative pic of him wearing a Chelsea jersey and is his way of communicating his contriteness for dragging the club through the court system  as he faces allegations of astoundingly dreadful behaviour involving threats of using acid and / or death in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend!!!

How different is this from the behaviour that brought so much negativity to Paul Ince? ‘Incegate’ as it is known,occurred as a young and somewhat brash Hammers star was photographed wearing Man United colours whilst still a West ham employee and for which he faced the sustained and considerable ire of many West Ham fans. Ince had been a footballing sensation in the season before that and no doubt some of the irritation at his moment of foolishness was driven by the disappointment of losing our star player.  

The whole affair is surely part of the educational programme that all modern footie stars are exposed to in order to prepare them for the reality that footie fans expect full commitment from their players and that wearing the colours of the enemy is perceived as amongst the most serious forms of treachery possible. 

But then again, some of our current ‘stars’ are so detached from reality that they seem totally resistant to such simple educational interventions.  Morrison has still achieved nothing in football (and certainly hasn't had a season to match the one young Ince had at West Ham) yet he can afford to hang out in a Ferrari, presumably making some juvenile point to somebody out there.

If this is where the money goes, to pay for flash cars and barristers for underperforming spoilt brats, then maybe we really are paying too much at the turnstiles? Just as moving on Suarez is necessary for a club with the traditions of Liverpool, at West Ham we don't need players who cannot behavein a reasonably dignified manner and if the current charges are upheld we really need to ask ourselves if a few circus tricks are enough to justify holding on to somebody of such dubious  character.

By the way - this is the new third kit. Visibly developing on the dark blue one of previous years but perhaps a bit more funky? It seems unlikely Morrison will ever get to wear it.


  1. No comparison.Despite the treachery of P I he was at least a decent and talented player B4 Traitor gate. Morrison is a spoiled Brat and a LIABILITY TOTALLYIRRESPONSIBLE The Sooner the club gets rid and forgets him the better.

    I never thoughtI.d say this but BFS was right

  2. Agree. The stooopidity of Morrison is stunning. Chelsea, Arsenal????? why???does he think those clubs would give a squad number to an ill disciplined messer?
    Ince was may have been cheeky but he was always totally committed.

  3. Have to say the whole episode is yet further proof if it were needed of the manner in which our club has been run since the lamentable treatment of the late great John Lyall, the sacking of Billy Bonds, letting Harry loose with a transfer kitty with an agreement to allow him to take commission from selling our best young players and the Icelandic debacle......I have no time for BFS but in the Morrison case he has always been right and in a much better position to judge the character of him than our Chairman and his deputies....if BFS was allowed to manage team affairs as he should be Morrison would have been explaining his latest exploits to Tony Fernandez and Harry Redknapp.... if Harry (he's a good boy I've always liked him) still wants him then let him have him on a free Mr Sullivan......Lets see what meaningless disciplinary action is taken against Morrison by the Board.....there must be grounds to sack him even before the outcome of his trial. If the Chairman and Board did not agree with BFS's plans for the team and in particular his assessment of Morrison then they should explain to the fans why they have wasted another winless pre season with BFS at the helm.....I have a certain sympathy with BFS but there was a time when Managers would resign if their authority was usurped by the Chairman. Personally I dismay at BFS's tactics and would not pay to spend 90 minutes of torture watching it, who can forget the 4-6-0 formation which it seems will be the norm away from home against the top 10 teams this season at least til AC returns, if he actually does, in November....but does anyone really believe a player of AC's physique will last anywhere near a full season in the Premiership? It was incredible folly to pay such a price for the player but greater folly and disrespectful to harder working players at the club to pay the sum reported as his weekly as usual the money will not be made available to sign our top targets and more dross will be brought in on Morrison style wages and contracts with the usual acceptable to Sullivan release clauses as is so painful with Mo Diame......Good attack minded coaches have proved you can play what used to be the West Ham style of football and compete in the Premiership.....but we have to put up with the BFS style because ultimately it is what Mr Sullivan and his Board have decided to maintain until the big move to the Olympic stadium.....Survival with no immediate ambition other than to finish no worse than 17th........lets hope I'm proved wrong but the signs are ominous....


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