Sunday 3 August 2014

Is this our worst EVER pre-season campaign?

Hammer's fans are only too familiar with the disappointment of failed expectations after scintillating pre-season antics followed by considerably tamer reults once the actual competitive action starts, but can anybody remember a less impressive pre-season than the current campaign?

For starters, we still haven't actually won a game - and that's despite playing a host of games against (with no disrespect intended to the clubs concerned) pretty modest outfits in the form of Stevenage, Ipswich, Wellington Phoenix and Sydney FC. Moreover, we have really struggled against better class competition and last night's run out against Schalke 04 followed by the rather one-sided affair against Malaga today, emphasises that we really seem to lack any meaningful structure or game plan at present.

if our pre-season form is converted to our first six games of the season we would almost certainly be bottom with only three points.

Perhaps even more worrying is the lack of creativity evident in the squad and the rather tame attacking threat we currently pose. AC is on long-term absence again and Carlton Cole remains a loyal servant but really doen't cut it at the highest level nowadays. Zarate although tasty on the ball, looks ill-suited to the Allardyce one up front schema and simply hasn't got the physical prowess to lead the attack single-handedly. Valencia is yet to figure and even though he was impressive in the World cup - his performances did not suggest any Andy Carroll-like qualities in terms of physical presence etc. The lad will feed of others best if part of a flowing attack rather than as a somebody to chase (alone) after the ball in the occasional foray out of our own half.

And where is Teddy Sheringham in all this - has he even given an interview yet?

So what's going on? Has Allardyce fooled the board and is just pretending that he will adopt a more attacking style of play ('Leopard' and 'spots' comes to mind!), or have Sam and the Davids come together to quieten the fans while they just get on with the same conservative approach to making sure we are still in the Premiership when the Olympic Stadium move happens? Or even worse, and perish the thought, are we really as tactically lost as we have looked in pre-season so far?

Next up its Sampdoria at the Boleyn next Saturday. Then a Tottenham side who have looked very sharp in preseason and would love to get som revenge for the treble we pulled on them last season.


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  1. Yep, we look clueless. Neither fish nor fowl, we cant defend and have no attack.


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