Tuesday 26 August 2014

Shocker: West Ham and Sheffield United Share Football Excellence!

West Ham - Sheffield United XI

With all the rivalry between the two clubs, along with all the banter beforehand, it was perhaps something of a surprise that the game lived up to all expectations as West Ham and Sheffield United went toe to toe in front of a packed house at Upton Park!

One could have been forgiven for imagining that these clubs have shared a longstanding hostility but  the ill-feeling is only recent and in fact, despite their geographical separation, they have shared a team full of former players!

One wonders how these players were inclined to call this evening's match?

Anybody got any substitutions or additions?


  1. Richard Wright in goals

  2. Your only posting this because you lost.

  3. Haha sad faces eating your jellied eels

  4. You are so mean....why?


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