Thursday 7 August 2014

Ravel to be farmed out to Rotherham

As Ravel Morrison lurches from one controversy to another, the latest nonsense focuses around an instagram of him 'hanging' with the homies in his Ferrari. He has been described as wearing an Arsenal shirt - quite a comical thought given Arsene Wenger's emphasis upon discipline and respect for the game - two attributes that young Morrison really needs to work on before he might even be allowed to buy an Arsenal shirt, never mind play for them!

Rav and the homies plot his next cunning stunt

Our intrepid photoshop-CSI dweeb has subjected the picture to careful analysis and concluded that the Jersey is in fact a Rotherham shirt. It apperas that in the aftermath of his chastening prison experience, Morrison is trying to be more realistic about where he will ultimately ply his trade as an occasionally breathtaking trickster who lacks the discipline to play within the modern team-oriented game.

Rotherham FC

However, in further develoments, our Irish correspondent has indicated that the jersey might well be one of the much coveted shirts worn by League of Ireland Stalwarts - St Patrick's Athletic. Either way, it seems unlikely that any respectable club would entertain his nonsense right now.

Hail Glorious St Patrick's

P.S. you can just make out the registration in the picture - how smart is that for a 'celebrity'? Tut Tut....



  1. For once BFS was right - he's a total liability

  2. totally disrespectful to his club. Is he even turning up for training now he is free?

  3. get rid, asap.

  4. Not good enough for Rotherham UTM

  5. But Sheffield Wednesday would probably take him - both them and Sheffield United are strong on the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act - Blades fans have been talking of little else regarding Ched Evans, once their goal scorer, currently awaiting release from a prison sentence for rape.

    If Ravel does go down, a possibility given the charges, WHU should make it clear they want nothing further to do with him. If he doesn't they should get rid quick - he's bad news.


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