Wednesday 13 August 2014

Reed rejects the "Royal Academy of Arse"

As Hammers fans watch the transfer news with a sense of impending doom - fully noting that their London neighbours the Gooners of Middle Earth have £15 million burning a hole in their pocket after the sale of Thomas Vermaelen to Barcelona - we can only hope that ace centre back Winston Reid will sign a new contract and end speculation that he may be moving to pastures new.

But perhaps such events are not as inevitable as they appear - Reid's almost namesake, the legendary Oliver Reed - was widely touted as a potential recruit to the hall of fame at RADA (the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) but after careful consideration he duly dismissed the move to what he called the "Royal Academy of Arse" before, presumably, heading out on a decent old knees up. Let's hope our superkiwi with the forthright style has a similar disdain for the poncey nonsense they trade as football over at the Emirates.

Failing that, Big Sam and the board will have to find creative ways to encourage him to stay at the Hammers as he is a crucial component of the side that is being assembled for the ever closer Olympic Stadium era.

Hands off Gooners!


  1. He's stalling on 50K a week - ominous or what?

  2. Bfs would be lost without him.

  3. we might get relegated without him - we only steadied when he returned last season, before that we were plunging towards the championship....he's worth whatever he wants

  4. Just sell him and get a 39 year old div 2 CB to replace
    Gollivan and BFS are a joke that none of us find funny in the slightest!!!

  5. Rog the Relegator is available...

  6. If he goes money & The Bastards (Sorry could never spell agent) have won.

    But we have good & talented youngsters who we hope are up to the job.


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