Tuesday 26 August 2014

Eur message for t' visitin football fans fra Dee-Dar.

Sa far, t' match 'as bin eur teight affair wi' alsooarts o' pushin ad shovin. t' lads fra Dee-Dar are geein thea orl bur it's 'ard fettle against t' stylish londoners fra west 'am. t' crowd are enjoyin much gran' natured fun wi' t' cockney boys wearin carlos tevez masks.

Jus fert fun o' it why dooant we preten' 'a' dis is eur scheduled play-off ta finally settle t' whole tevezgate affair for once 'n for orl wi' t' winners assumin eur position int' premiership 'n t' losers slottin i' teur t' blades current position i' league 'un?

Just kiddin!!! bur we will tek back t' twenty million-somethin quid theur lot borrowed off wee!

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