Friday 22 August 2014

Ravel Morrison: Ice-T or Iced Tea?

The past fortnight has witnessed both sides of Ravel 'Raveldo' Morrison with his pending court case for alleged naughtiness of the out of control gangsta variety as well as the playful charity activity of a young man having some harmless banter with his boss.

But Hammers fan are still wondering which Ravel we will ultimately realise?

It seems that relationships are a little less frosty at the Boleyn between Ravel and his boss  but amongst all this fun wouldn't a run out off the bench for this weekend's Crystal Palace match be an ideal olive branch for the under-fire youngster? 


  1. Allardyce and Ravel need each other. But above all, West Ham United need Ravel! So get on with it.

  2. We should drown the pair of them cos they are a blight on our once great club


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