Saturday 16 August 2014

Man United go Bottom as Hammers move towards safety!

The season has only just started and already the 'new' Manchester United seem rather like the previous Miserable-Moyes version and to make matters worse, their slump has continued to the point whereby, having fallen behind against Swansea, they are now embarrassingly absolute bottom of the Premiership!

They fought the law and the...
Undoubtedly, new manager LVG should be sacked immediately as angry Manc fans simply cannot be expected to tolerate such 'nonsense' and will undoubted note that it is the forty year anniversary of their 1974 relegation.

Meanwhile, the Hammers have started their annual push for safety rather early this year, and have already managed to haul themselves off bottom and a result today could see them out of the relegation zone!

Happy Days!


  1. Aharrrrrrrr!!!!
    Let the games begin!

  2. just seen team sheets, reckon we might get battered. Same old fat sam same old players


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