Tuesday 3 December 2013

Joycian celebration awaits as the Eagles prepare for Hammer blow

Jellied eels they’ll fill their gills to the very brim as the aesthetically blunt hammer descends on the poor deprived sarf london scrotes, innit. Crystal it aint, and no palace is to be seen, but pulis will want to pull a trick for his old comrades in the potteries and  keep the claret bottled down the bottom. But for crystal Pulis there can be no respite from the anguish endless anguish  heaped upon the layers of wretchness and misery holding all above in their continuum of greater glory. Sam beware the drowning man.
                            It's known that the high king oneill comes to visit, but will miss his cousin, second tier, twice removed Gary, long departed for the park, with the queens rangers, well lost. And so the O'noble and nolan, english heart and irish blood, will remain to take the irons eye out of st martin’s head. Let 's let it be and whist your call, josephmartinobrien,  for pulis cannot unRavel the tale that's to be told of hammer horror, nor coddle the coleface while tom kins that the result is a two score spread or more! Shuffle me four times and..................Begin.


  1. The sea, the snotgreen sea, the scrotumtightening sea

  2. Haha

    Palace to stay up at the Hammers expense


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