Sunday 29 December 2013

Allardyce in 'entertaining match' scandal!!!

WTF!!! Just as we were getting ready to join the sack Allardyce, it’s gone too far….deblah…West Ham way…deblah…..Trevor Brooking….Alan Devonshire….ZZZZZ. Suddenly, up pops an amazing manoeuvre by the crafty Allardyce with a sensationally entertaining 3-3 thriller at Fortress Upton.  Gone were the ‘ we just can’t seem to score’ and forgotten was all the talk about ‘clean sheets’ as the Hammers and Baggies went at it and the laundry bills were high!!!

Having gotten off to a fabulous start as after an early West Brom scare, Nolan and Cole conspired to score……a GOAL!!! Dust down the rattlers, sound up the brass band….a GOAL!!!

Then the game settled and we looked assured. Let them sweat and we can catch them when they push up…..errr, what’s going on with Tomka? Did those coppers twist him too harshly when arresting him over the Yulefoolishness period? Either way, we were down to a the Paddy-pretenders at Centre back with Joey ‘the lips’ and Georgie McCartney posing as top class centre halfs. Hmmm. West Brom started threading little balls through the gap between our two heroes and inevitably Nicolas ‘hate me if you must’ Anelka slipped between them for a characteristic poachers goal. Grrr.

Then the referee conspired to award the Baggies a corner that wasn’t and a sleeping Hammers defence forgot that they were all misaligned and in stole Le Sulk to make it two, before apparently performing the “Quenelle” which you can look up for yourselves on google. Hmmm.

The war-wearied troops came out for the second half full of gusto but after an initial furious ten minutes the pace dropped off and it looked like a 3or 4 -1 drubbing. That is until Modi Maiga decided to drop the shoulders and fire in a stunner from just outside the box – a goal that, strangely,  oozed confidence?!?  Tears followed, and not just from Maiga. Soonafter we were ahead as finally captain Kevin scored again in trademark hustler fashion, bundling the ball over the line form a messed up West Brom clearance.

So at 3-2 attention reverted to our motley back four and within minutes we wilted again as Berahino escaped down the left and rattled one across Jussi into the right hand corner…. Damn. Memories flooded back to a sickening 4-3 defeat at Upton Park versus the Baggies in 2003. However, thankfully we held out after both sides went at it hammer and tong and it ended 3-3. Frustrating but bloody exciting – the West Ham way is back!!!

Meanwhile, on Demel goal watch, the swashbuckling Ivorian again hit the bar and we must thus continue to wait before finding out the true nature of his much speculated upon goal celebration routine.


  1. Glad to see that humour about the game can still be found amongst the holier than thou PC brigade who seem keen to slaughter Le Sulk today in nearly every report. Thanks for the blog.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I think we need to remember that your average footballer often hasn't had a lot of formal education and we really shouldn't take any of their efforts at political statement too serious. Di Canio's flip-flop 'fascism' is another case example. Personally, i think folk should stick to what they're best at.


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