Wednesday 4 December 2013

Chamakh Attack as the porkies fly!

As if beleagured Hammers honcho Samuel L Allardyce didn't have enough to be worrying about, Hammers reject Marouane Chamakh has lashed out at his former boss branding him a liar!

The porkies are flying...
After his sensationally surprising and more than a tad fortunate ricochet goal last night for Crystal Pulis, Chamakh was today bathing in the glory of having wandered into the right place at the right time. An observer noted "Chamakh had hardly touched the ball all through the first half and then suddenly Palace managed to muster their first attack and a sliced cross tipped off the Moroccan on it's way towards the goal"

Chamakh ventured further with his outburst by claiming "when I don’t score, but I play a good game and we win, I am as happy as when I score two or three goals". However, both Gunners and Hammers fans have expressed doubt as to whether the 'striker' can really make such a bold statement given that he is not known by them to have ever scored, never mind thrice in one game! Hammers fans in particular are also aggrieved with Allardyce claiming that he 'lied' to them when suggesting that the on loan striker could score goals during last years campaign!

He concluded the barrage of bilge by advising punters to bet upon Palace to stay up. Now that is a truly outrageous piece of advice!


  1. Well now we know!
    Chamakh CAN score - its the rest of us hammers who cant!

  2. Interesting (read: badly written) article. Exactly which game were you and your "observers" watching?

  3. great to see that whoever wrote this tripe was obviously not at the match. For one Chamakh, even though he is too easily muscled off the ball, still had the better of the West Ham defence for large parts of the game. Secondly, this is the most vocal a Hammer's been this week. They certainly were silent for almost all of the match on Tuesday. Oh yeah, they did have a couple of renditions of your only song.

    Enjoy flirting with relegation under Fat Sam, I'm sure the greatest academy in the world will continue to thrive under his leadership as you enter the Championship next season

  4. OOogh, just how sparkly is that 'crystal' palace you sarf Londoners inhabit?

    Pulis is a grafter but Chamakh certainly won't keep you up.


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