Tuesday 3 December 2013

Half time: One shot Pulis!!!

Chamakh! Bloody predictable or what? He couldn't score for love nor money at Arsenal or the Hammers....Whatever next, Gabbidon to score a second?

Despair not, for this will be the match that balances the Norwich nonsense. 1-0 ahead at half time we lost our way and then self-destructed to slide away to a barely credible 3-1 defeat.

Tonight, we will come back in the second half. There can be no doubt that Palace are lacking in presence and we must surely continue the domination of the first half, only this time with results...

If they keep it tight then Sam will bring on Joe Cole after 65 minutes. carlton looks quiet - time for Modi Maiga to finally deliver? Now we'll see how far Marrison et al are in their progression...

Oh, and what a goal that free kick would have been, poor Nolan, it just won’t go in right now. After more than a decade of doing it, surely he’ll slip back into gear soon?

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