Tuesday 25 August 2015

Zaza Joins the Barmy Army!

This is how you do it properly

Hammers fans will be nervously checking in on news today in the hope that Italian international Simone Zaza will take up their offer of a season's long loan adventure in the Premiership. A deal has been agreed between the clubs and right now its up to the player to commit.

With first team football at Juventus unlikely as Zaza is ranked #4 striker on their books, Zaza will be looking for opportunities to continue his impressive Serie A scoring record with Sassuolo. The Hammers injury ravaged forward line will certainly provide hope for the star that he will be given opportunities as Carroll, Valencia, Zarate and now Sakho are all injured at present.

However, perhaps the flamboyant forward will be swung by the availability of top mohawk designers in punk rock's capital city. Recent follicular forays into territory made famous by the likes of Wattie Buchan from the Exploited suggest that the lad has a bit of attitude.

Let's hope that he signs and soon as with rumours that Diafra Sakho is again in trouble with the law, West Ham need to find back up asap.


  1. More like Dead Cities at West Ham mate

    1. that doesn't even make sense, not surprising though from a spud troll...

  2. He wears a mohawk.
    Mohawks = London.
    London = West ham.

    Happy now?

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