Monday 31 August 2015

Has Sullivan Finally Snared Austin?

At one point in the Summer all betting was discontinued on the Charlie Austin transfer stakes with West Ham at 1/4 on to sign the QPR striker. Since then its been a case of cat and mouse with QPR insisting on a £15 million transfer fee for Austin even though he has only a year left on his contract.

Austin was long considered the prime available striking talent with a proven Premiership scoring pedigree but suddenly its all gone quiet with QPR now joint favourites with Bournemouth to have his services at 6PM tomorrow.

However, as West Ham fans know only too well, its nigh on impossible to hold on to International standard players once you drop out of the Premiership. Although Austin has been in fine scoring form for QPR so far this season, they simply cannot afford to hold on to him. Can the likes of Bournemouth, Norwich, Crystal Palace and West Brom really gamble £15 million on one player? Would a move to those clubs really allow him to progress his international aspirations? 

David Sullivan may well have played a key role in silencing the activity around Austin with his 'no ligaments' jibe, which provoked a noisy 'though doth protest too much' response from the Austin camp. But Sully is a crafty businessman and just when it seems that everybody has been scared off news is that West Ham have offered Matt Jarvis plus £12 million for Austin.

It's just the type of cheeky stunt we expect from Sullivan, and its crazy enough to come off!!!

Fasten the seatbelts....Moses, Jelavic, Adebayor, Antonio, Sisto, and now apparently back in the frame is Chaz Austin.


  1. If we get half the players that we are being told to expect we will need 2 coaches to get them all to a game will be so glad when the window shuts

  2. Im just happy song will be back hope he signs permanently next summer

  3. David Gold drives a silver Rolls Royce, why would buy a 25yr old Austin?

    1. West Ham desperately need Charlie Austin to strengthen their squad

    2. West Ham desperately need Charlie Austin to strengthen their squad

    3. It's a joke you muppet - an Austin is a type of car!

  4. Fantasy Island article.

  5. Ffs theres more chance of the hunchback of notre dam pulling the pussy cat dolls lol


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