Sunday 30 August 2015

Bilic shows total disrespect for the record books

In the final stages of Sam Allardyce's reign as West Ham manager the principal problem was one of terminal boredom. Fans had simply had enough and even Sam himself seemed worn out with the grind of efficient points gathering. Towards the end the ability to even manage that deserted him as the team ran out of enthusiasm managing only three wins in the second half of the season.
Slaven Bilic was brought in as a remedy to the listlessness and boy hasn't he got us watching again! This Hammers side are bonkers - beating top flight sides and then succumbing to the efforts of second tier wannabes! It's mental, but we love it!

In his brief tenure Bilic has already smashed the records on half a dozen occasions as his management team have no respect for any sacred cows. Already ranking amongst his achievements are;

A first away win against the Gooners of Middle Arse in over a decade and the first in 15 meetings!

Reece Oxford claimimg his Premiership debut at a mere sixteen years of age!

Moving along the apparently irrepressible Maiga and the fading Nolan!

A first away win at Anfield in 52 years!

The most number of red cards per game to the start of a season ever - now at seven in all competitions for the first team!

Good and bad, it makes for compelling viewing. This is truly "the West Ham way"! Let's hope that those fans who have opted to get tattoos to mark our landmark performances this season have kept lots of ink aside because the Bilic regime seem hell bent on keeping the stats boffins busy.

We predict a top half finish in the Premiership and a decent cup adventure (or two) for this season.


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