Saturday 22 August 2015

Bring Back Big Sam!...ish

Jenkinson has a nightmare!

It had to happen sometime, somewhere, somebody would utter the unthinkable...are we missing Mr Allardyce? This truly is the West Ham way - beating Arsenal away and then losing two on the trot at home to 'lesser' sides. Hmmm.

Despite having two knowledgeable defenders at the helm, West Ham's woes have been primarily due to defensive naivety, but perhaps much more worrying is the lack of basic discipline that has seen the Bubbles pick up an incredible SIX RED CARDS already in competitive football this year!

Allardyce may have been happy to trade excitement for boring efficiency in terms of playing style, but the rate of early departures is totally unacceptable and smacks of a lack of core discipline. While one might cite poor refereeing as a factor in some of the early departures this season (Tomkins /  Adrian), Collins and Jenkinson's dismissals have been sloppy. Worst of all,  Sakho's off the ball nonsense in Andorra was foolhardy. Even worse, Bilic himself was red carded in the FC Astra fixture - hardly good example settingf rom the gaffer!

Bilic enjoyed a frustrating time at Besiktas where a brave assault upon the Turkish title last season was ultimately upset by a massive ten red card haul. West Ham really need to get their act together if they hope to progress in the current Premiership where the quality of teams is such that playing with ten men is an unforging experience.

Time for Julian Dicks to give a masterclass in red card discipline?

BTW, we are kidding about Big Sam, obviously!

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