Friday 28 August 2015

"Worst in the World!": Sam Slams ex-Ham

A real shit job!

In amazing developments, it has emerged that ex-Hammers boss Sam Allardyce thought that he had the "worst job in the world"! David Sullivan revealed the extent of his former manager's unhappiness in an interview quoted in the Evening Standard!

Although there can be no doubting the bottomless extent of fans expectations, with a salary of over 3 million quid a year it's hard not to question Allardyce's sanity.

With just 4 days left in the transfer window and striker resources at a critical low, his replacement Slaven Bilic will be feeling the strain but 'worst in the world' is perhaps overstating things, especially when Tottenham and Arsenal are just down the road.

Then again, with no positive news to report on the transfer front, maybe the canny Hammers board have chosen just the right moment to divert our attentions with a little harmless Sam-bashing?


  1. He made that comment about being a manager in general...NOT about managing West Ham... there are much worse ways of earning a considerably inferior living, Mr Allardyce...

  2. you idiot, if you read the full quotation, he was taking of football management in general, not necessarily his time at West Ham

    1. OOogh dermot, you are sooo precise!

  3. i think he meant working under two bob sullivan

  4. i think he meant working under two bob sullivan

  5. errr, aside from the pedantic antics about context etc i dont think being West Ham manager is all that are in the top twenty salaried managers in world soccer and in reality expectations are moderately high only.

    However, the real point of the piece is that Sully is playing with our attentions for good reason as nobody seems to want to play for us even though we are in a (the?) top league and have propsects of growing onto a real force......wassup guys????


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