Sunday 1 June 2014

The Trouble with the Treble

It's hard not to wince at how much West Ham are making of the three victories over Spurs last year - for sure it was hilarious watching their heartless side crumble on three consecutive clashes with our 'heroes' but perhaps it's also time that we considered a few other statistics from what was otherwise a drab and unfulfilling season:

Chamakh!?!..... I didn't see that one coming guv

1. We lost twice to Crystal Palace. yes, nil pointes against the 'eagles'. Hmmm - in another year that could have been relegation-provoking!

Just to remind us all that we have previously beaten the Gooners
2. We have lost our last eight matches against the Gooners of middle earth and only managed two draws in the last 13 'tussles'. Hardly T-shirt-provoking form!

Mighty Mansfield humble the mighty Hammers 3-0 in 1969
3. We exited both cup competitions in humiliating circumstances, albeit in the midst of a defensive injury crisis, but losing 5-0 to a modest Nottingham Florist side who didn't get near to promotion from the chumpionship was a definite low for us as a club that stands beside previous cup defeats to Mansfield town, Aldershot and Chesterfield.

A truly noteworthy 'treble'


  1. 1966 again - is that all you've got?

  2. We stayed in the premiership and for a club with little to no money that is a feat in it's self. It's about time we supported the team, manager and board! Unless you know of a way to bring Ron back!

  3. Get real guys; It was a sh*t season, only Spuds kept us up
    and they nor anyone else can't possibly play that badly again.
    We've got it all to do next season let's hope we can do it in style

  4. When did we lose to Aldershot?

  5. Wednesday, 24 August 2011 Carling Cup
    West Ham 1-2 Aldershot
    Danny Hylton's 89th-minute winner sent 10-man West Ham crashing out of the Carling Cup and put League Two side Aldershot into the second round.

    1. Strange we didn't have a T Shirt of Sam's best Week

      Forest 5 West Ham 0


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