Saturday 14 June 2014

Hammers make crucial contribution to World Cup

As England fans are starting to get twitchy ahead of their crunch world cup opener against mighty Italy this evening, recent Hammers departee Pablo Armero has popped up to remind us of the East London side's world cup legacy by scoring the opener for his native Colombia an a tense encounter with Greece.

In decidedly un-Allardyce fashion, the pacey left back arrived late into the Greece box to slide a shot into the bottom right corner. Greece have responded with a period of sustained pressure during which the left back is coming under considerable fire and may well demonstrate the frailties that caused Allardyce et al to let him go at the season's conclusion.

Armero then used the moment to treat the onlooking world to the most exotic goal celebration of the tournament so far!!!


In other news, Carlos Valderrama has not been spotted amongst the observers, but our pitchside VERYWESTHAM correspondent remains confident that we will yet pick him out.

Carlos the Jackal - master of disguise!


  1. He didn't get much chance to practice the goal celeb move at the Hammers although he did a more than decent job on Suarez in the Liverpool game.

  2. Looked like an OG to me.


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